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TAAP Program Benefits

Why join Expedia TAAP?

  • Expedia is a reliable, worldwide company and trusted brand
  • Largest inventory in the market offering 600K+ accommodations, 500+ airlines, 25,000+ activities and attractions and a diverse assortment of 150+ rental car companies around the world
  • Weekly booking travel deals
  • Competitive commission plans available
  • Itinerary builder tools to organize hotel and flight reservations for clients
  • Agent promotions with enticing offers and prizes
  • Dedicated reservations customer service and TAAP sales support staff

What are the commission levels for TAAP?

Competitive Commissions
Standard commissions allocated for each booking are based on:

  • Hotel Commission model:
    • Premium Plus: 11%
    • Premium: 9%
    • Basic Plus: 6.5%
    • Basic: 3.5%
  • Vacation Packages (flight+hotel, flight+hotel+car rental) with a minimum of 4 nights - 5%
  • Vacation Package (flight+hotel, flight+hotel+car rental) with less than 4 hotel nights - 3%
  • Car rentals - 6%
  • Activities and attractions - 10%

What are the qualifications to join Expedia TAAP?

Our Affiliate Program is dedicated to travel agencies incorporated under the laws of United States. We welcome travel agencies with qualifying credentials and accept any of the following:

If you are new as an agent to the travel industry it is recommended to find a host agency to work with to gain industry experience. Please further develop your agency and obtain the credentials necessary. We welcome travel agencies with qualifying credentials.


Where do I submit the Agency Bank Information for the first time?

Sign into the TAAP account - go to the Expedia TAAP Menu - go to Profile - click Edit Information - update the information - save the changes. Once this information has been saved it will not be available to view or edit again in the TAAP account.

All changes or updates to bank information must be directed to our payment provider or in their portal profile. The payment provider cannot make changes until they have received a request from the accounting department for a commission payment to be sent to your agency.

The payment provider for the Expedia TAAP, USA Office with the USD point of sale is Onyx CenterSource. Some changes can be made on their online portal profile. Onyx Phone: 866-531-0170, Email: csupport@onyxcentersource.com Website: www.payments.onyxcentersource.com

How is the IRS tax form collected?

Tax forms are collected electronically and need to be submitted online by the agency manager.

After signing into the account,  go to the Expedia TAAP Menu - go to profile - scroll down to see where to submit the tax form – follow and complete steps – submit the tax form.

After submitting the electronic tax form the status can be checked in your profile.

  • A W-9 form must be submitted for affiliates located in the US.

The system verifies the W9 information directly with the IRS - the information submitted must match their records exactly - especially on the name, address and tax status or entity type.

Tips below for submitting tax forms – please check the following:

  • Communicate with the IRS directly or consult with an accountant to reconfirm information.
  • Follow the tax form instructions.
  • Remove punctuation from name.
  • Name matches the name that appears on your tax return.
  • Name entered is the taxpayer.

I am a Manager, how do I set up my agents in the agency account?

  • After the agency registration has been processed. Log into Expedia TAAP, go to “Menu”, select “Manage Agents” then pick the “Invite” button.
  • Send the information out to your agents to inform them about the program.
  • The agents will be able to click on the invitation link to set up the account to get started.
  • Please inform agents of the agency tracking code.

I am an Agent, how do I set up an agent account?


How do I make a booking?

Please sign into your account by going to www.expedia.com/taap and sign in with your email and password. From this page, you can proceed to make bookings by clicking on any one of the product icons. You will then see your agency name and tracking code (in the BLACK BANNER) as well as “Hello -> your name” on the top right of the page. Seeing the black banner with the agency tracking code is how you know your bookings will track to your agency.

How can I add my own travel profile preferences?

  • Log in to your Expedia TAAP account
  • Click “Hello” then select the “My Account” tab
  • Select “Personal Info”
  • Update details & click “Save”
  • TAAP TIP *The phone number saved here will be recognized by the phone system

Where do I add my frequently booked traveler profiles?

  • Click “Hello” then select the “My Account” tab
  • Select “Other Travelers” then choose “+Add new traveler”
  • Enter details & click “Save”
  • TAAP TIP *After adding traveler enter their membership numbers and travel preferences

What Self-Service options do I have for online support?

Where do I go to view reservation details?

  • From the booking page select “My Trips”
  • Select “Upcoming” for booked reservations
    • Click on the selected reservation
    • View policies under the “Rules and Restrictions”
    • Manage upcoming reservations for hotel room name changes and/or cancellations
  • Select “Unbooked” for incomplete/saved reservations
    • Continue booking reservations which have been saved
    • Review saved reservations not yet booked for quotes
  • Select “History” for traveled reservations
    • See travel history for reservations completed

How do I manage my reservations online?

Visit the “My Trips” option on the top right of the page or visit: https://www.expedia.com/trips
Go to the “Upcoming” tab and find “Manage” to see the self-service options.

Reservation cancellations can be made online in most cases.
Hotel bookings may offer room name changes.

Where is the itinerary builder tool?

  • After booking a reservation, click on the “Menu” tab & select “Itinerary builder”
  • Find & click on the air or hotel reservation desired to create an itinerary for clients
  • Edit the itinerary as needed and preview the result
  • Select to “Export” & file type (PDF, RTF or Docx)  or email to the booking agent
  • TAAP TIP *Following these procedures will enable you to upload & insert your agency logo from your own computer, prior to sending to your client. Whenever using the itinerary builder, references to Expedia, Expedia TAAP, etc. will be removed.
  • TAAP TIP *Reflects a service fee which is billed to the client through the agency

What are the reservation payment options?

Vacation packages may offer Split or Partial Payment options if available . Options available are offered on the final page of the booking process.  If the options are not offered then, only full payment is available for the vacation package. 
Please visit: https://service.expedia.com/en-us/#/articles/403/53/12485
Hotels are primarily prepaid; some hotels offer deposit and pay later options.
Please visit: https://service.expedia.com/en-us/#/articles/399/53/12484
Car rental providers do not require payment at the time of booking for making the reservation.
Please visit: https://service.expedia.com/en-us/#/articles/401/53
Activities and Attractions (Things to do) are pay now reservations.
Please visit: https://service.expedia.com/en-us/#/articles/400/53/12487

What are some Credit Card processing issues?

Some common issues for completing transactions with a credit card are

  • Wrong/expired CSC (card security code) code
  • If the card expires after departure date
  • Incorrect number, expiration date or CSC number
  • Amount charged is over the credit limit
  • Some hotels may NOT accept all credit card companies.

What are Phantom Charges?

Depending on the rate that has been selected, vendors may process credit card transaction for a certain amount of funds - which if not used will be released.

Where do I go to set up a payment using a credit card outside the USA?

  • Click “Hello” then select the “My Account” tab
  • Select “Credit Cards and Payment Info”
  • Enter details including country & click “Save”
  • Proceed with booking, select the card during the payment for the reservation
  • TAAP TIP *After completing the reservation return to remove the card from being saved in the profile

What are the maximum number of travelers in a single itinerary?

Reservations must be booked online through your profile (under the black banner and agency tracking code).  There are a maximum number of travelers or rooms that can be booked at a time.  Availability and rates are subject to change after each booking.

  • Flight + Hotel Vacation Packages (completed in one itinerary transaction)
    • The maximum for packages is up to 6 travelers with 3 hotels rooms
    • Groups of more than 6 travelers require separate itinerary transactions
    • Flight reservations with children must be booked with an adult on the Expedia system
  • Hotel Rooms
    • The maximum for hotel rooms only is up to 8 rooms in a single itinerary transaction
    • Hotel bookings with more than 8 rooms will require separate bookings

What are Activities and Attractions (Things to do)?

There are thousands of worldwide activities and attractions available on Expedia TAAP.  Some of these include:

  • Transfers/Ground Transportation (including shuttles and limousines)
  • Tours and excursions adventures (beaches, snorkeling, scuba, boating, bicycling, camping events, cooking classes, day cruises, even parasailing)
  • Theme park tickets (amusement, science centers, aquariums, also historical events)
  • Events and show tickets (show tickets, theatrical performances, wine or dining reservations, sporting events, even party/club passes)

I’m receiving website errors, what can I do?

  • If you have too many uncompleted trip bookings it can also cause issues while booking.  Incomplete bookings are found in the “MY TRIPS” section under the “UNBOOKED” tab.  To clear these, select an itinerary. Next, look for the “X” option located to the LEFT.
  • If you are receiving errors while booking, try clearing out your browser’s history, cookies and cache data.  This will usually solve most errors that you will encounter.  After clearing saved data, please restart your computer and sign in again.

Web Browsing data clearing steps:

How do I receive help with Hotels.com bookings account?

We are not the Hotels.com program.  Please contact the Hotels.com directly if you need assistance about their program and their reward incentives.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer support for bookings that are not made through the TAAP program.

If a booking is made through a partner of Expedia it is not a booking with Expedia TAAP.  If you wish to be part of the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program then you will need to be registered with TAAP and make your bookings through the TAAP program.

How do I receive help with an AgentRez account?

The AgentRez program ended in 2013.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer support for bookings made through this program.

If you wish to be part of the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program then you will need to be registered with TAAP and make your bookings through the TAAP program.

Can I use coupons for Expedia TAAP bookings?

No, coupons cannot be redeemed aganst Expedia TAAP bookings. This includes all types of coupons: Groupon, Coupons.com, Retailmenot, Expedia Escape Friends and Family coupons, etc. This is a sample only and not an exhaustive list of coupons which may exist.

Any coupon redeemed on Expedia TAAP bookings will result in the amount being deducted from agent commissions on a monthly basis.

Profile Updates

How do I update my agent profile name, address or phone?

  • After registering, click on the “Menu” tab & select “Profile”
  • Select the desired edit option
  • Update name, and optional address and/or phone number information
  • Save the information

How do I update/change my email address and password?

  • Log into your Expedia TAAP account
  • Click “Hello” then select the “My Account” tab
  • Click on “Email and Password”
  • Update email address &/or password as needed & click “Save”


How do I find the TAAP program commission plan?

Where do I run commission reports?

  • Log in to your Expedia TAAP account from www.expedia.com/taap
  • Select the “Menu”
  • Click on “Report”
  • Add/change booking or travel dates, or leave the dates blank then click “Search”
  • Select the name or the Itinerary Report tab to view more details
  • TAAP TIP *If desired save reports by selecting the “Save to Excel” button

What is Eligible Booking Volume?

Eligible Booking Volume is calculated using only eligible products that include: Pre-Paid Hotels, car rentals, and activities individually - or the value of these components within a package.

When will commission payments be reconciled?

Commissions are reconciled on a monthly basis when the agency tracking code has met the $50 earnings threshold. Standard agency commissions payments are reconciled the month following the travel and paid with our payment processer Onyx CenterSource. Commission tracking payment dates can be found in the report as the report reflects the month and year the agency has been sent the commission payment. Commission statements are posted in the manager account for reconciling agency payments.

Reoccurring agency payments are sent by the third Friday of the month following consumed travel. First time agency payments are planned to go out on or after the third Friday of the month following consumed travel. First time agency payments may take additional time for processing.

Are cruise bookings commissionable in the TAAP Program?

Cruises are not considered commissionable products in Expedia TAAP.

Is air only commissionable in the TAAP program?

Standalone air bookings are not considered commissionable products in Expedia TAAP; however we do pay commission on air when it is part of a package.

How do I collect additional fees from my clients?

  • If you wish to charge additional fees to your clients you may do so through your own system.
  • From the itinerary builder tool on the Expedia TAAP Menu, please see the ability for hotel and flight only bookings to reflect on an itinerary receipt your additional costs in the grand total.  The additional costs to your client must be invoiced internally through your office.

Why does the commission report show withheld status on the payment?

Bookings will be on withheld status unless the tax form has been submitted for the account.  Please have the manager submit the tax form in their profile. Accounting will begin to reconcile bookings after the form is submitted and accepted.

I can’t find my booking in my commission reports, what do I do?

Please send a written request via email to support@expedia-agents.com.  Our support team will evaluate your situation then respond to your request.


Where do I call for TAAP program questions or commission support?

1 (866) 925-7718.  We specialize in supporting affiliates with commission or payment tracking, TAAP logging in assistance, registration assistance and program inquiries.  Our Expedia TAAP Support Desk is open Mon-Fri 6AM-5PM PST.

Where do I go for reservations support?

Contact at 1 866-925-7718.  Support for reservations is available 24/7.  When you speak with an agent please advise them that you are a TAAP Affiliate and explain your situation and request resolution.  They may have to contact the vendor directly as well to obtain authorization.  Sometimes reservation agents need to escalate the request through their channels.

How can I move my TAAP account to a new agency that is already an existing TAAP affiliate?

Please send a written request from the email account to support@expedia-agents.com.  Our TAAP support team will evaluate and respond to your request.


How do I unsubscribe from Expedia Emails?

To unsubscribe for our TAAP Affiliate program notifications you may click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or email us with a request.

To manage (subscribe or unsubscribe) your e-mail subscriptions please visit https://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=info&rfrr=-16019 (you may be asked to sign in)

I am no longer an agent and I want to be removed from the program?

Please send a written request from the email account to support@expedia-agents.com. Our TAAP support team will handle your request.

XML Solutions

Where do I go to get a website page for TAAP?

If your agency’s annual TAAP volume warrants, your agency can integrate TAAP’s hotel API to your website as a co-branded XML solution. Expedia TAAP does not charge any API implementation fees. However, the API development work needs be completed by your agency. TAAP’s hotel API provides direct access to Expedia’s full global hotel inventory, which processes 20M+ price and inventory changes on a daily basis.

Enhance your business by partnering with Expedia TAAP

Enhance your business

Travel agents who register as TAAP affiliates can earn commission on TAAP’s travel inventory of hotels, packages, car rentals, activities and attractions while taking advantage of Expedia’s global buying power. TAAP is complete with a US-based dedicated call center committed to supporting the travel agency community.